Go Vote!! Don’t Procrastinate. Don’t dither. Don’t you dare say it is pointless. Go. And. Vote.

Several years ago I made the deliberate decision to publish new content to the website at 11 am because in doing so, we gave the website the best chance of posting new articles during hours of the day when it would be convenient for most of the world’s population to read it:

11 am is within an hour or so of “lunch time” for much of the US and Canada;  it’s also around breakfast or commute time for most of the rest of the country (don’t read and drive tho…);  in much of Western Europe, it’s settling in to the end of the work day and dinner time and, way down in Australia and the other half of the globe, it will be waiting when they wake up..

The website does have a global constituency, so these are important considerations.

However, today, I am addressing our US readers.  By the time they read this, election day will be about half over for about half the country.

And that means, you’ve still got time to put your coat on, grab your keys or change for the fare, and get out there and vote if you haven’t done so  already.

For the rest of the country – you’ve got plenty of time left to vote, but don’t procrastinate.  By 8 pm in most of the country, you will no longer be allowed to vote.

We appreciate all of the support we get from our community – every note, every comment, every suggestions, every question, but we’ll appreciate it and you even more if you go out and vote.

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