The Best of Comic-Con 2013


Ok, before I start, this is my personal preference, so you may or may not agree with these, but here are my personal favourite highlights of Comic-Con 2013. I’ve been enjoying Comic-Con from the comfort of my sofa in front of my laptop, but have to say some of the tweets/announcements this year have been brilliant!

First up has to be the Zack Snyder announcement on Saturday night that Man of Steel 2 will be a Batman-Superman film! Henry Cavill and Amy Adams will be returning, Batman casting is tbc. I am mega excited about this, however I do feel it would have been nice to get another Man of Steel solo project before he teams up with the other ultimate hero. Although, with The Flash out in 2016 and Justice League in 2017 I can see why they need to squeeze this in and lead into the Justice League film.

Next up is the Tom Hiddleston in character appearance as Loki. He insulted the crowd and reeled off a few classic Loki-isms. Oh to have been there to see it in the flesh.

Sticking with Marvel, its the new trailer for Thor 2 (when will it be online?!), Captain America 2 preview (only artwork has been revealed online at the time of writing this) and the name for Avengers 2 – Age of Ultron.

Another Marvel story, and this time it’s the Guardians of the Galaxy. Not only did the cast make an appearance, but Karen Gillian revealed she has shaved her head for the role (she showed up first wearing a wig in her natural hear colour) and a preview of the film was also shown, despite them having only filmed for a matter of days – again no trailer available to the public as yet.

Ok, last Marvel story, man they had a lot going on! Andrew Garfield arrived in true Spider-Man style making his way through the crowds (shown to the audience on the screen) then strolling into the room. His brilliant response to “Who is Andrew Garfield?” was “I thought Eduardo Saverin played me” (the Facebook co-founder who he played in The Social Network). He also mentioned how he would love to see Spider-Man team up with the Avengers…even though he isn’t allowed to say that.

Moving on the the Hunger Games, a new trailer was revealed for Catching Fire. This one IS online and you can view it here.

And lastly, not exactly good news, but the fact that a real hero was in town. A suicidal woman was rescued by a stuntman who was in town to promote Kick-Ass 2.

Man it’s been a bust couple of days, and this is just the news that I’ve stumbled across (by the time you are reading this I’m sure I’ll have found a lot more). But what are you’re Comic-Con highlights?

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  1. I would like to add that films like Gravity and The Zero Theorem got a whole lot of love at SDCC and there’s nothing quite like Dan Harmon of Community showing up in a cardboard DIY Iron Man suit making whoosh noises. Samantha, you should really try to come out one of these days for Con – it’s a whole mess of one-in-a-lifetime opportunities rolled up into 4 days.

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