The Apollo Program, A Personal Journal: Engineer’s Toolkit

To explain to a generation born after PlayStation how we simulated Apollo reentries in 1968, using Stone Age implements and dragging our knuckles, I’ll need to go into a little detail.

This post has been removed because its content may be incorporated into a forthcoming book by the author.

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  1. Um, thanks, John, I think. Don’t know Paul and haven’t read him, but based on that endorsement he must be a terrific writer.

  2. Rather hasty mention, too; “Is” should be “in” or it would mean that there are some ways involved in coincidences. Like, tao, karma…just being fannish.

  3. Got a story by Paul Carlson coming up in the September Surprising Stories that your opening paragraph reminds me of; such a startling coincidence is some ways that I felt like mentioning it.

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