The Amazing SF Trivia Contest #4

Try your hand at our 4th weekly Amazing SF Trivia Contest and you could win a 1 year digital subscription to the magazine!

Two different prizes, each consisting of a 1 year (4 issues) digital subscription to Amazing Stories, will be awarded in each contest.

One prize will be awarded to the Member who provides the first correct answer to the Trivia Question in the comments section of the Trivia Question post.  The First Correct Answer will be determined by the date and time at which our server receives and posts the comment.

The second winner will be determined by random draw of all remaining contest entries, utilizing a program designed for that purpose.  All selections will be final.

For complete rules and guidelines, please visit this page.


Science Fiction Fandom famously began the World Science Fiction convention, as an annual gathering of fans, in 1939.

The current Worldcon, (Dublin 2019) is considered to be the 77th Worldcon, not the 81st.


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  1. Ребята всех с наступившим новым годом, всех, не важно кто откуда, от души всех!Желаю всем! Мира, добра счастья и много лет жизни!!! и огромное количество денег!!!

  2. That one’s easy. WWII interviened and the Worldcon was postphpned for the duration. Don’t count this as a contest entry, though. Give others a chance.

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