Science Fiction Romance

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for January

Imprisoned involuntary organ donors, a post apocalyptic village trying to survive, stolen alien artifacts and an impending Earth invasion, the dawning of a new humanity, a mutant on the run from space slavers, and alien mail-order brides. Tell me that ain’t SF!

Science Fiction Romance New Releases with Winter Holiday Themes

In recognition of the rapidly approaching winter holidays, I’m going to focus this post entirely on science fiction romance new releases which include a Christmas or holiday element. Often, but not always, these will be shorter works and may be a ‘side story’ for main characters in a series. One of the first to appear […]

Paranormal Romance Readership

Crossroads: Science Fiction Romance – A Niche Before Its Time?

Last week, we talked about paranormal romance and the ways in which it uses longstanding cultural archetypes (vampires, werewolves, etc.) to explore power, sexuality, and possibly even deeper existential themes. But speculative fiction is composed of both fantasy and science fiction, and speculative romance is no different. So how does science fiction romance differ from […]