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Science Fiction Romance Recommendations for Summer Reading Bingo

Summer Romance Bingo, hosted by the Ripped Bodice Bookstore of SoCal. Now what could that be?

Traitors, Heroes and Babies in the New Science Fiction Romance Releases

How can you not want to read a book titled Cyborg's Secret Baby? That's even better than Secret Baby Cyborg....

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for a Long Weekend

A shared universe SF Romance series!

May Brings More Science Fiction Romance New Releases

Merpeople, asteroid mining, interplanetary scavengers, corporate bubble cities, ice planets, interdimensional rescue parties, illegal genetic modifications, robot assassins, Whew!

Action Packed New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

A new entry in Anna Hackett's Eon series. Hijacking an alien warship might not be such a good idea.... Shooting your hot alien warrior protector might also not be such a good idea, but it happens in Leslie Chase's Torran, a Crashland Colony entry. And Pirate Captain Ramos is back for more steampunk adventure in Alex Acks' Wireless.

A Sampler of February’s New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

Multi-author collaborative SF romance series; new offerings from Regine Abel, J.L. Langley and more

SFR Galaxy Awards for 2018 Announced

The Science Fiction Romance Galaxy Award Winners of 2018

End of January Report on New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

A round up of the latest and greatest! Check out those abs!

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for January

Imprisoned involuntary organ donors, a post apocalyptic village trying to survive, stolen alien artifacts and an impending Earth invasion, the dawning of a new humanity, a mutant on the run from space slavers, and alien mail-order brides. Tell me that ain't SF!

Start the New Year with New Science Fiction Romance

Will cyborgs continue to be a 'thing'? Will barbarians continue to inhabit icy planets? What will the fate of reverse harems be? We can't say for sure, but Veronica Scott has a plan!

Memorable Science Fiction Romance Titles of 2018

The Top 15 (or so) SF Romance Novels of 2018

A Stellar Assortment of Science Fiction Romance New Releases

SF Romance is getting it on, from NYT best selling authors to cover art that rivals the best deep space and spaceships artt

Science Fiction Romance New Releases with Winter Holiday Themes

In recognition of the rapidly approaching winter holidays, I’m going to focus this post entirely on science fiction romance new releases which include a...

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for November 8

The latest rerleases in SF Romance, including The Women of Star Wars.

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance from Cyborgs to Fairy Tales

The pace of new SF Romance releases is picking up steam, as are the reads!

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for October

New SF Romances reveal a great diversity of plot, sub-genre and affection.

Sports and Games in Science Fiction Romance

Several science fiction and fantasy romance authors talk about the role of fictional sports and games in their novels.

The Joy of Series

Fiction series: binge watching for readers!

Award Winning SF Romance Authors Discuss the Genre

Notes on the SFR Galaxy award and some thoughts on SF Romance's future.

Australian Science Fiction Romance Is Alive and Well

Veronica goes down under for the down low on Australian SFR

Veronica Scott Talks Science Fiction Romance

Veronic Scott introduces herself and the readers of Amazing Stories to Science Fiction Romance.
Paranormal Romance Readership

Crossroads: Science Fiction Romance – A Niche Before Its Time?

Last week, we talked about paranormal romance and the ways in which it uses longstanding cultural archetypes (vampires, werewolves, etc.) to explore power, sexuality,...

Crossroads: Romance – More Powerful than You Could Possibly Imagine

Today is February 7th, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air. Which is why this month I’ll be taking...