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Trying Patreon (Because I am not Amanda Palmer but I Want...

Our Spanish language editor has started a Patreon account.

All About the Confidence

That idea chose you. It chose you for a reason.

Surrealism Revisited

Surrealism strays into all other areas of art from modern culture to food to sex to death.

“Ford Prefect hit the ground running…” Don’t Panic Over Creative Block!

Looking at the back of your own shoulder is a creative way to get past creative blocks....

The Creative Thrive #002: Creativity – Why Do We Do These...

Some view the creative life as an ALL-IN situation, and I don’t know why.

Welcome to the Creative Thrive!

Angi Shearstone, creator of BloodDreams comics, discusses the creative process in her debut post.

Writers Writing About Writers Writing About …

There's something unseemly about writers who write about writers. Many of my beliefs about writing have changed since I was a pink-cheeked little colleen getting...