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Articles and posts that deal with SF, fantasy and horror in audio, including spoken books, podcasts and radio.

Blind Geek For Beginners

Folks who read my author bio will have realized I lead an interesting life or that I have a passion for Starbucks. No wait, that wasn’t...

Horrorcast: The Drabblecast

If you love to start your day with photos of catacombs and bone chandeliers, or listen to ectoplasmic psychodramas while doing your grocery...

Synthetic Voices #13 – December 2012 Top Picks

This month has been a tumultuous one - travel, holidays, and illness.  Podcasted fiction seems to have also had a hard time, December representing...

Weird Tales For Winter

  If you're anything like me, you have long since exhausted the established canon of weird, speculative, and mainstream horror fiction. You've read every...

Audio column #1: “An Introduction….”

Greetings! This is the Science Fiction audio section of the Amazing Stories Blog section. In it you will see a great deal of interesting and...