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Right now, Amazing Stories is offering its very first collectible item.  It’s very first item of any kind in fact!

This first ever item is a T-shirt featuring the Amazing Stories’ logo and the EXP – 01, otherwise known as the SS Amazing, an FTL capable starship designed and illustrated by author/artist Duncan Long.

It is our intention to offer a new spaceship every year (holding a contest voted on by our members) and to offer an exclusive, limited edition version of each design, introducing the collectible factor into the equation.

Only 150 of the limited edition shirts will ever be made.

It is also our intention to offer our site members a special opportunity to reserve one of those collectibles;  an internet blackout period if you will, a set time during which the shirts will only be available to our members.

This should suggest to the non-member reading this that becoming a member of the website might not be a bad idea.  In fact, it’s probably a good idea and becomes even more better when you discover that membership is FREE.  Just click here to do that.  We’ll wait.

Back?  Great! and Thanks! for signing up.

The blackout period for the EXP – 01 ends at midnight (est) on August 16th, 2013.  (If you just ignored the registration paragraphs trying to get to the good stuff first you can either wait until August 17th to order – wondering every waking minute whether or not there will be any shirts left to order by August 17th – or you can click here to register.)

From now until August 17th, 2013, only registered members of Amazing Stories may order one of these shirts.

On August 17th we’ll open ordering to the general public.  (That means YOU if you’ve managed to resist our humorous and witty entreaties over the past several paragraphs and haven’t yet clicked here.)

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You might want to know that Amazing Stories members can order their shirts at a discount not offered to the general public.

You might also want to know that we’re going to draw five member’s names at random from our orders and give each one of them their shirt for FREE.

Non-members don’t get a discount and aren’t eligible for a free shirt either.

Limited Edition EXP – 01 T-shirt, Black only (only 150 printed)
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*Amazing Stories members pay member pricing even after August 17th

**Pricing variations based on cost, not discriminatory practices.