If you would like to have Amazing Stories review a publication or other product, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY

Reviews Editor Ricky L. Brown is responsible for assigning review materials to our review team.


In addition:

We have no objections to electronic copies of books for review; it speeds things up and reduces costs for everyone.

Mailing a book to the Amazing Stories headquarters almost guarantees that the work will either be greatly delayed or will never receive a review. So please contact the Reviews Editor First!

Our process is the following:

Request a review from us (usually involving a brief description of the work provided to him).

We will assign a reviewer.

We will provide you with a physical or email address for that reviewer.

You send the reviewer a copy;  the reviewer reviews it in a timely manner.

This system insures that you will receive a review from an official Amazing Stories reviewer, and in a timely manner.

It also helps reduce time and cost for all involved.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

NOTE:  Materials mailed to the wrong address will NOT be returned (they may be forwarded).

This is the official contact for reviews at Amazing Stories;  Official requests for review copies will only come from this email address;  if you are contacted by others claiming to review product for Amazing Stories, please obtain their contact information and forward that information to .

If you desire, Ricky will provide you with a list of contact information for the vetted members of our review team.

Again, thank you very much for your cooperation.

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