Important information for registrants & comic buyers.

For Members and Subscribers:

We recently cleared out a number of “PENDING” accounts because the Registrants did not respond to the return registration email in a timely manner.  The vast majority of these were most likely spam registrations, but some real people might have been caught in the dragnet.  There is, unfortunately, nothing that we can do to restore a registered account that was deleted (but that did not complete the registration process by responding to the email).

If you are a real person, intended to register but never received your registration email, it is entirely possible that the automated registration you were sent got lost in your own spam filter….

If you registered but have not been able to access the site with your login:  first – you should have sent us an email letting us know of the issue, but beyond that – please try registering again and watch for the confirmation email and please respond to it.

If you have difficulties after doing the preceding, please contact us directly and we’ll get your account set up.

Thanks for your understanding.

doctorcoversmallFor Comic Book Reservations:

We are still working through the signing of the copies.  We greatly appreciate your patience.

Funds collected were all collected through Pay Pal payments and remain in our Pay Pal account.  If you’ve become frustrated due to the wait (which we completely understand), we will gladly refund your payment.

Use the usual means to contact us if you wish to avail yourself of a refund.

And, again, thanks for your patience.

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