Notes on behind the scenes happenings.

I’ve mentioned before that a few months ago, Amazing Stories started getting hit with a huge number of “spam membership registrations”; this is typically done to either A: annoy a site owner and/or B: find ways to breech the security of a website to do whatever.

That has continued unabated since I first mentioned it here.

The other day we also discovered that our web address is being “pinged” in a manner that suggests a deliberate attempt to interfere with our ability to work with the site (and may have slowed performance for some).

Considering that editorially, Amazing Stories takes positions on various political issues impacting fandom (which positions may or may not align with the individual bloggers here), this is not entirely surprising.  What is disappointing is that those who disagree with those views seem to have taken an entirely passive-aggressive approach to their dissatisfaction.

Ain’t the internet grand?

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