Short and Sweet – our Fifth Issue

We’ve really gone above and beyond with this, our latest issue. Twice the contents and full color artwork throughout.

You REALLY need to check out our fifth issue, Volume 77, Number 1, Fall 2019.

When was the last time you read a science fiction magazine with full-color interiors?

Or one that had illustrations disbursed throughout a story?

Or one with so many top-flight authors all in one place?

Or one with fabulous artwork throughout?  (Every story has a full-page title illustration.)

Or one with large, easy to read print?

Or one with a great, eye-pleasing layout?

It’s actually printing now with a Vincent Di Fate cover, fiction by –

S.P. Somtow – R.S. Belcher – Liz Westbrook-Trenholm – T.B. Jeremiah –  Bud Sparhawk – Wendy Nikel – Matthew Hughes – Sandra Kasturi – Shirley Meier – Jack McDevitt – Sally McBride – S.L. Saboviec –               Paul Levinson – Amber Royer – Adam-Troy Castro – Dave Creek –          Jack Clemons – Paul Di Filippo – Lawrence Watt-Evans

and artwork by –

Vincent Di Fate – Matt Taggart – Jon Eno – Tom Miller – Anton Oxenuk – Igor Avdeev – Phil Foglio & Cheyenne Wright – Chukwudi Nwaefulu – Amanda Makepeace – Roberto Armos – Renan Boe – Melisa Des Rosiers – Lianna Ribeiro – Richard Mandrachio, Bob Foster – M.D. Jackson –     Olivia Beelby – Ron Miller – Derek Whitaker – Anthony Rhodes

As others have said: What. A. Lineup!

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