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Puppy Stella knows 29 human words and how to use them

Stella has learned to use large buttons programmed with recordings of single words to string sentences together


How to vote in order to keep puppy taint off your ballot.

Puppy See, Puppy Do-Do

The UNOFFICIAL SPIV Novels list.

Puppy Surrender?

One puppy seems to capitulate in the comments, but seeing is not always believing.

Self-Inflicted Puppy Moratorium

The offer made to SP and our self-imposed moratorium explained.

Puppy Watch 2016 Begins

'Tis the season once again for all puppy watchers to grab their binoculars, stick a clothespin on their noses and head for the fields and glens to engage in the annual festivities of neonatal canine observation.

My Thanks to Launch Pad & Puppy Ponderings

Thanks to the Launch Pad people; thoughts on puppy strategy.

I Have No Hugo and I Must Scream: Repent Sad Puppy Said the Hugo...

Everyone is playing the Harlan Ellison Hugo Awards Title Mashup Game!


Time to finish up those Hugo nominations, the deadline is March 10th.

File 770 Reports on Puppies Whining Over SFWA Support for BLM

Puppy wannabes are back with their own special take on the George Floyd protests

Astounding Histories, February 1930: Heroes and Villains

The February 1930 issue of Astounding Stories of Super-Science has hit the newsstands.

Anime roundup 4/16/2020: Work In Progress

In this week's viewing: A few more premieres, and a second look at last week's standouts.


Bad marks for the season finale of Amazing Stories

Bo Davidson 2003 – 2020

Bo Davidson has passed

Pets in Space 4 Authors Talk About Cats, Dogs & Otherworldly Creatures

Pets in Space is always a good thing, and now, this post has been updated with some cool "space pet" illustrations!

Networking Plus A Cover Reveal

Pets in Space 4, the fourth volume in this series, will debut the first week of October

Read Best Fan Writer Foz Meadow’s Post for Amazing Stories

One of our guest authors has won this year's Best Fan Writer Hugo Award

The 2019 Hugo Awards – Publisher’s Picks

Amazing Stories' publisher's picks for the 2019 Hugo and Retrospective Hugo Awards.

It’s True. Young Readers Should Not Be Introduced To The Genre With Old...

Want a quick history lesson in the SF genre? Here's how to get one without having to wade through too much of that old, dated, socially jarring stuff without too much trouble.

The Hugo Awards Best Related Work Category and the AO3 Nomination

A potentially controversial nomination highlights FanFic's reception by the SF community.

How Not To Slate and Do Other Stuff Peoples Won’t Like: A Primer

You can't keep a good kerfuffle down! Notes on how to avoid starting a kerfuffle and related fuffle.

AMAZING NEWS: September 30th, 2018

Musk, Hubbard, Halloween asteroids, million dollar math puzzles, Sterling defines SF, TAFF opens for voting, characters get killed off and plants defend themselves!

A WorldCon76 Video Round Up

A round up of video coverage of WorldCon76.

AMAZING NEWS: 7-1-2018

Power and abuse, space jellyfish, who's got BDE?, coding Barbie and oh so much more!

Sorting Things Out

Taking a step back to consider things from a higher perspective.

AMAZING – YUGE – NEWS: 10-15-2017

Pournelle & Gingrich, all-Female Super Hero movie, Uhura, Justice League, Luke Skywalker, Crows Cleaning Up, Crypto-Coins & Singing Satellites!

Two New Anthologies Offer Total of 25 Science Fiction Romance Stories

Two new anthologies promise lots of great science fiction romance fun.

Guest Editorial: Words Matter, Actions Matter and Race Definitely Matters by Chris M....

“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When I finished reading Christopher Nuttal’s editorial, “A Character Who Happens To Be Black” for the first time, I found myself remembering an oft told story about Nichelle Nichols, the actress who played Lt. Uhura on Star Trek.

Guest Editorial: Humanity’s’ R&D Department – Science Fiction by David Gerrold

This is the primary function of science fiction — to be the Research and Development Division of the Human Species. This literature is the laboratory in which we consider the universe and our place in it. It is the place where we ask, “Who are we and what is our purpose here? What does it mean to be a human being?” No other genre is as ambitious, no other genre considers as many powerful and disturbing questions. All the other branches of literature are about the past, they’re about how we got here, as if here is a static place. Only science fiction is about the future. Only science fiction is about change.