All Sci-Fi Friday Chat – Earth vs the Flying Saucers!

Washington gets attacked tonight by flying saucers with death rays!

All Sci-Fi’s Fall Friday Chat Series kicks off today at 8:30 pm EST with Ray Harryhausen’s classic invasion, “Earth vs the Flying Saucers”!

You can see the whole 17-week-long schedule at this link — and it’s magnificent.

Help us make this new series of Friday movie chats as successful as All Sci-Fi’s Summer Sci-Fi Series was.

And join me in welcoming several new members who’ve recently come to us from an awesome Facebook discussion board with over 2,000 members, called “Science Fiction and Fantasy We Used to Watch”!

As usual, here’s the link to All Sci-Fi’s Kiwiirc chat room. Just follow the instructions and use the link you’ll find on All Sci-Fi (with the instructions).

See you in the chat room tonight!

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