The other news this week is Benedict Cumberbatch has reportedly signed on for the next Star Wars film.

Benedict Cumberbatch Star WarsThe last couple of weeks has been rather rumour-tastic for comic-book film castings. Ben Affleck is really going to play Batman on the Man of Steel sequel, we know that much. But last week it was also reported that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is set to play Lex Luthor, including confirmation of how many appearances he had singed on for. However he has confirmed it is ‘news to him’. But this does bring the question that Lex Luthor may well be showing his face for the next Superman outing, and if not Bryan Cranston, then who? Perhaps someone like Ryan Gosling who seems to be the world’s favourite hero could take a stab at playing the evil role?

Other Superman Batman casting rumours include Matt Damon for Aquaman/Martian Manhunter, Mark Strong as Sinestro and Timothy Dalton as Alfred Pennyworth. Justin Timberlake was also rumoured for Robin, but he was quick to squash that one, claiming he would never play a superhero, but would love to play a villain and in particular the Riddler.

The other news this week is Benedict Cumberbatch has reportedly signed on for the next Star Wars film. He is a brilliant actor, and whatever role he is cast in he will do brilliantly – his performance in Star Trek Into Darkness proves that. BUT, is it right to have someone from a recent Star Trek film in a Star Wars film? I am a fan of both and think it would be like the two worlds colliding. Although they are already colliding off-screen with JJ Abrams directing both Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Wars Episode 7.

I’m sure as you are reading this another casting rumour has made it out. What are the ones you’ve read recently?


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  1. HI Jack, yes I thought that would be the case, I do wonder who the ‘sources’ are on some of these rumours. I completely agree with you. I watched Star Trek 2 this week, and was a little disappointed with the film in general, it didn’t excite me as much as the first in the reboot franchise. I think Benedict was brilliant, but agree he could have brought so much more to that role had they given him the opportunity to do so.

  2. I will accept Benedict Cumberbatch in any role of any quality. He’s just the greatest.

    Though I’d rather him be a conflicted sort of antihero instead of Darth Maleficent. I like him better madcap than campy and villainous.

  3. Samantha, for what it’s worth, today both Cumberbatch and his agents adamantly denied that he would appear in the new Star Wars film. I agree that he’s an incredible actor (see Sherlock) but I thought his talent was wasted in Star Trek 2. They missed an opportunity to write a powerful script that would have rivaled Ricardo Montalban’s Kahn in ferocity and intensity. And I think he’d have blown it away.

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