Not Quite Science or Science Fiction: Cranks

Whether or not the sun is hollow, there is mounting evidence that some heads certainly are!

As a working scientist, I occasionally get sent email from people who believe they have a better understanding of how some aspect of the universe works than conventional scientists.  It isn’t just me — usually the email header includes a long list of other scientists.  For some reason, traditional approaches of publication in peer reviewed journals isn’t working for the senders, but their ideas are so important that they become spammers.  Crank spammers.

Sometimes I read the emails.  They’re often amusing, in the way that Plan 9 from Outer Space is an amusing movie.  It’s easy to see what’s wrong with the ideas, usually, and it’s also usually clear that replying with this information will have no effect.  Cranks have already rejected the conventional explanations — typically because they don’t understand or accept some well-trusted observations or experiments.

I wanted to share an example I got today and which I am sure the sender would like to be as widely read and appreciated as possible:

Sunspot is A Bottomless Hole

Under the photosphere of the sun, the internal part is empty, and the crack tip of the photosphere is sunspot. The photosphere of the sun is a layer of substance on the surface layer of the sun which is visible, however, under which; other substances which are not reflective stay there. The invisible substance is photon, electron and others. Therefore, the photosphere that we can see is the surface of the sun, and the crack tip of it is the sunspot, which is empty hole actually. Because the sun always accepts the energy from the space, it will inflate, meanwhile, the substance covered by the photosphere is limited, it will occur crack tip to release thermal energy, hence, the sunspot.

Sunspot, also empty hole emerges in the photosphere of the sun everywhere, some of which cannot be seen. If telescope or aircraft can get closer to the sun, we can see more sunspot (empty hole), even invisible sunspot at some places can be seen. I hope scientists can watch and observe the sun with telescope, but not to be slackened by traditional theory, not to imprisoned by the thought of the notable. What we face is the real fixed stars and the sun====, astronomers must accept the fact.
The empty hull (photosphere) inside the sun has been worn out. The substance of the photosphere erupts and follows stellar wind (solar wind) to arrive the orbits of planets, asteroids, and dust. The meteors, planets, asteroids, dust, comets encountered by the earth on the orbits are all from the photosphere of the sun. With the evolution of the sun, stellar wind takes away more substance of the photosphere, so the photosphere will be thinner. Then more empty hole (sunspot) will emerge, which almost cover half area of the photosphere. As you have known, there are many fixed stars like them in the galaxy and the external galaxy. Stellar wind continues taking away more substances of the photosphere, the sun will change into diffuse nebula, with some bright cloud visible only. At that time, you can see this kind of fixed star in the internal space, so people don’t believe there is sunspot any more, As you have known, there are many fixed stars like them in the galaxy and the external galaxy. Stellar wind continues taking away several bright cloud visible, finally a totally empty space is left, and the sun, i.e. the visible substance cannot be visible, however, both the radiation and the pressure are still very strong. The substance of the photosphere forms ring on the revolution orbit, and you should have known this kind of stellar system in the galaxy and the external galaxy. Where is the gravity of the stellar system in central space from? In order to rescue Newton’s law of gravitation, some authoritative scientific personnel worked out a black hole. Is it absurd that a black hole exists in the stellar system without any visible substance? It is a trick to kids.

All in all, time will tell.

There’s a million things wrong with this, and it’s too silly to even be the basis of a viable science fiction story.  We know that sunspots are regions of high magnetic field that are a bit cooler than the surrounding photosphere.  It’s still hot gas there — no bottomless holes!

If you’re not amused and think I’m being too cranky — or not cranky enough, well, time will tell, won’t it?


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