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L. Neil Smith’s Prometheus Award winning novel, Pallas


PallasOur ebook of the month is L. Neil Smith’s Prometheus Award winning novel, Pallas. The book will be offered on a pay-what-you-want basis (no minimums) and other Neil Smith bundles will also be available for bundled discounts.

You may download the book (and check out the other bundles) at::

“Ex-U.S.-Senator Gibson Altman rules the prison colony where everyone is expected to live by rules that govern every aspect of their lives.

The inhabitants of the experimental colony survive in a society plagued by crime, corruption and despair, toiling endlessly at tasks they are appointed to. Altman lives a life of luxury, ruling the lives of the souls trapped within his experiment and brooking no opposition to mandate.

However, Pallas, the terraformed asteroid, is also home to Curringer, a society in stark contrast to Altman’s prison. It is a community where individual freedoms are championed and men and women are free to live as they please.

Emerson Ngu escapes from Altman’s prison colony and becomes a hero of Curringer. Altman is driven by a deep hatred of Emerson and his triumph and will do anything to get his revenge on him. But in the process will he also destroy his own daughter and even the world of Pallas?”

Cover001The latest issue of Galaxy’s Edge just went live.

Stories by: Robert A. Heinlein, Jennifer Campbell-Hicks, Harry Turtledove, C. Stuart Hardwick, Michael Bishop, Sean Williams, Nancy Kress, Anna Wu, Tom Gerencer, Alan Dean Foster Larry Niven Ron Collins, Robert Silverberg, Dantzel Cherry, Jack McDevitt, Leena Likitalo, Alex Shvartsman, Elizabeth Bear, J. R. Vogt, Lawrence Person, Robert J. Sawyer, David Gerrold (Worldcon GOH)
: Reboots by Mercedes Lackey & Cody Martin (Part 1)
Columns: Barry Malzberg, Gregory Benford    Book Reviews: Jody Lynn Nye
& Bill Fawcett   Interview: Joy Ward Interveiews David Gerrold (Worldcon GOH)

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Come see us at Sasquan! We will have a number of tables in the dealer’s room and some of our authors (books and Galaxy’s Edge magazine) will be joining us (including Hugo nomnated editor, Mike Resnick, and Hugo nominated short story writer Kary English).. Come meet them, get your copy of the book or magazine autographed.

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