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Hugo Worthiness

Message fic or swashbuckling tales of spaceships and aliens? SF is often both at the same time and how a reader receives it may say more about the reader than the work.

Worldcon is Over. What Have We Learned?

Some observations on the recently passed Worldcon.

Hugo Award Acceptance Speeches: Three Cheers for Fandom!

Transcribed excerpts from some of the 2016 Hugo Award acceptance speeches.

TIME MACHINE: Popular Posts

See what everyone else was reading this week

Hugo Award Prediction Results

Results of the award predictions.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Hugo Award Winning) Things….

Commentary on EPH and some past Hugo Award faves

Hugo Award Predictions and Handicapping Sheet

Predictions and a nifty handicapping form that will let you play along during the 2016 Hugo Award presentations.

Book Review: The Brass Giant by Brooke Johnson

Are you interested in a steampunk romance novel? If so, Matt Mitrovich can recommend The Brass Giant.

The Hugo Awards Die Is Cast

Predictions on this year's awards.

Hugo Awards Final Voting Closes in Two Weeks

Get your ballots in!


New of fannish things

Retro Read: A Matter for Men: War Against the Chtorr Book 1, by...

A Method For Madness, book 5 in the War Against the Chtorr series will soon be released. It's time to take a look at books 1 thru 4.

Anime roundup 6/2/2016: Little Fuzzy Animals

In this week's viewing: Mutant killer bunnies (for peaceful purposes), magic killer puppies, and more!

AMAZING NEWS: Hugo Packet Release Day (5/29/16)

2016 Hugo Voter packets; Votng Opens for 2016 Hugo Awards and 1941 Retro Hugo Awards

Stuff, Things and Exhaustion

An editorial from exhaustion.

An Interview with Timothy the Talking Cat

Never before has so much science fiction adventure been assembled into one volume by so few cats. An interview with one of the few.

AMAZING NEWS: Clearance Sale! 5/15/16

WOW! Three weeks of news compressed into one MASSIVE post!

The Birth of a New (sub-?) Genre

Searching for an editorial subject, Steve finds one at the last moment.

Revised Hugo Ballot

An updated "slate free" listing.

Articles populaires avril 2016

Popular post round-up, French style

TIME MACHINE Popular Posts

This past week's most popular posts

Hugo Course Correction

Considering the No Award option.

Anime roundup 5/5/2016: Chasing Shadows

In this week's viewing: The Lost Village reveals its monster, Re: ZERO drops more hints toits mystery, and more!

TIME MACHINE: Popular Posts

2016 HUGO AWARDS SANS PUPPY TAINT Top 20 Vampires in Books & Literature The 2016 Hugo Award & 1941 Retro Hugo Award Finalists The Ten Greatest Wizards...

Vote Your Conscience

Thoughts on voting No Award

The 2016 Hugo Award & 1941 Retro Hugo Award Finalists

Puppy slate roundup and preparing for the awards announcement.


Bruce Campbell! Seiun, Ditmar, Tiptree, Hugos, Pixels and Scrolls!


Awards, cons, personalities and pixel scroll

TIME MACHINE: Popular Posts

Our most read posts from the past week

Asni’s Art Blog: Star Wars Popularity Contest: Rey

if I had been privileged to see this movie as an impressionable teenager, I would have been profoundly in love with Rey.