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Guest Editorial: A Character Who Happens to be Black

One of the charges leveled at the Sad Puppies is that they are against ‘diverse’ characters in books (and comics, movies, TV shows, etc.) The people who level these charges are, essentially, accusing the Sad Puppies of racism, that the only reason they could possibly have for objecting to these characters is their race (or gender, or sexuality, or whatever.) It is a fairly obvious rhetorical trap. By asserting that racism is the only reason to object to these characters, they brand the Sad Puppies as racists.

Just Because You’re Paranoid…

Thoughts on this year's Worldcon


Tonite, the Hugo Awards Ceremony 2:30 pm est on 7/11/2017

We Still Need 3 Stage Voting

Reasons to ratify Three Stage Voting

Guest Editorial: “Bad dog, bad dog!”


Ignorance is Bliss

2017 is looking a lot like 1974.


This week, Steve reviews the July-August F&SF, and stumps for your votes (Canadians only!) for the Aurora Awards.

2017 Hugo Award Predictions

What if Three Stage Voting had been in effect THIS year?

Through the Looking Glass

History changes when you don't look at the facts....


aliens in the white house, old mag in the purse, recyclables in space...WHAT is the world coming to!?

AMAZING NEWS: 4-30-2017

Only one item this week, but its a big one.

Editorial 2: The Hugo Awards or How To Talk About Them Without Looking Like...

Kinda wishing that Chuck Tingle had a book titled "Sad Puppies Pounded in the Butt by Humanoid Hugo Award". That way, I could steal the cover art and use it here.


Too many awards to shake a Rampant Manticore, or even Crottled Greeps, at!

AMAZING NEWS: 3-5-2017

Happy Quoakkas, and much more!

AMAZING NEWS: 2-26-2017

Exo planets, TAFF race, industry warnings, award lists and lift offs (and landings!)

The Pleasant Exhaustion of a Job Well Done

Con report: Boskone 54


News from fandom is back!

One Step Over the Line…?

Some thoughts on Hugo voting.

Is It Time For The Fugghead Awards?

Proposing a new award....

As A Dog Returns to Its Vomit, So Fools Repeat Their Folly*

Oh dang. The puppies peed on the carpet. Again!

Articles populaires d’octobre

An overview of some of the most popular articles published in Amazing Stories in October, including the publication's return to fiction with four Gernsback Writing Contest winners.

National Cat Day

An homage to my feline friends on National Cat Day 2016.

MidAmericon II: Con Report

Despite all the problems with MidAmericon II - and there were many - it was still fun. (And some pics from the con)

Guest Editorial: Delegitimizing Opinions by Chris Nuttall

The ‘Sad Puppies’ were branded a bunch of white men, even though it required literally no more than five minutes on Google to prove that this was not the case. Instead of trying to disprove the Puppy case, the Puppy-Kickers tried to delegitimize the Sad Puppies.

Science Fiction Romance Authors Write About Pets In Space

Of course there have been pets in science fiction shows, comics and novels for decades – Krypto in Superman, Muffit the Daggit in Battlestar Galactica,...

On Ecology, Women and Science Fiction: Part 2, Praxis

Nina Munteanu explores issue surrounding eco-fiction and optimistic science fiction with four female speculative fiction authors and/or publishers.

AMAZING NEWS: 9/18/2016

Well, it's been quite some time since we've heard from Spanky and the gang!

Dragon Awards

A handful of observations

AMAZING NEWS: 9/4/2016

Hugo Fallout, the brains of conservative thinkers and lots more to cram into your noggin.