NY Times Reports Amazing Stories TV Show is “Wrapping Soon”

Puget Sound, otherwise known as Amazing Stories, the Reboot, Appears to be Close to Wrapping.

In an article titled Apple’s Big Spending Plan to Challenge Netflix Takes Shape, John Koblin reports on an upcoming Apple showcase event for Hollywood types, discusses the rollout of the streaming service, mentions some of the issues and concerns (mostly the clash of Hollywood and Silicon Valley cultures) and then lists the status of some of the shows, including Spielberg’s Amazing Stories (licensed, of course, from us).

The status for Amazing Stories is “wrapping soon”. The various “what’s filming now” websites that report on shows filming in and around Atlanta and casting calls for those same shows mention the “Final day of filming for our funeral scene” for the “Puget Sound” project.

Puget Sound has previously been identified as the code name for Amazing Stories.

You can read all the detail here

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