Nichelle Nichols 1932 – 2022: Updated

Nichelle Nichols is gone

Nichelle Nichols, star of Star Trek, has died.


I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday when I learned that Nichelle had passed.  I wanted to get something up on the website but couldn’t bring myself to do more than put up a notification.

Like many Trekkies, I admired and adored Lieutenant Uhura.  And even more of the same for the actress, Nichelle Nichols, as we learned more about her and the positive impact she has had on our culture.

Her passing is a bit more personal for me than for most as I did have an opportunity to meet, hang out and party with her at an early Star Trek convention.

Activities at the con included getting an almost perfect score on the trivia contest and being overwhelmed in the dealer’s room – a real dealers room that had ooodles of book and magazine vendors – and then ended up at a private party with her and several other cast members later on in the evening.

I had met a girl working the convention who was a few years older than myself and after getting me suitably drunk at several room parties, she took me to a suite reserved for the convention’s guests.  In attendance were Gene Roddenberry, Majel Barret, Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols.

I was still pretty drunk; the girl I’d met and I performed an impromptu recreation of the Nurse Chapel and Dr. McCoy “Enterprise under attack” blooper reel scene (DeForest gets accidentally handsy with Barrett – shown in the clip below)

and then I realized it had gotten late and I needed to call my parents at home.  I asked for and got permission to use the room phone and placed my call, which went something like this:

Me.  “Hi Dad.  Guess where I am?”
Dad:  “Where?”
Me.  “I’m at a room party with Uhura!”
Dad: “You’re at a party with a whore!?”
Me.  “No!  Uhura!  Lieutenant Uhura, from Star Trek!”

And shortly thereafter I got her autograph in my program book.

I’d always hoped to hook back up with her at a convention or appearance somewhere and get her to re-sign the autograph.  Unfortunately, life, or the lack of it in this case, has prevented that from ever happening.

Ad Astra! Lieutenant!  Thank you so much for all of the great memories.

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