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Fred Patten (1940-2018)
Fred Patten, a fannish polymath who helped introduce anime to Americans, died November 12. Fred had lived in a nursing facility since suffering a stroke in 2005. His sister, Sherrill Patten, told LASFS that on November 1 he was found

Wandering Through the Public Domain, Episode 1
Introduction: Colleen McMahon, who writes comments as cmm, is launching a new series of posts about sff available through public domain sites like Project Gutenberg and Librivox. Welcome to our guide to these resources!]] By Colleen McMahon: Hello! I want

Arisia Inc. Election Results
Arisia Inc. has posted the result of today’s Eboard elections. Over 150 members, many of them new, participated in the seven-and-a-half hour meeting held November 11. President Nicholas “Phi” Shectman Vice President Alan Wexelblat Treasurer Kris Pelletier Clerk Sol Houser

Interview with Rowankind Trilogy Author Jacey Bedford
CARL SLAUGHTER: Let’s start with the main characters. At the beginning of the story, Ross is just trying to stay off the Mysterium’s radar. Then she goes on various quests. Then she plays liberator, protector, and negotiator. Has she got

Rowankind Trilogy Completed
By Carl Slaughter: In November 2018, DAW author Jacey Bedford wrapped her alternate history magic trilogy Rowankind. A magic regulatory agency that controls magic by whatever means necessary, a swashbuckling crew of pirates and their lady captain, recently unbound magic

Arisia Changes Hotels in Response to Strikes
The Arisia Eboard announced November 16 they are moving Arisia 2019 from the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, as a result of strikes affecting the hotels they were planning to use. The dates of the

Pixel Scroll 11/16/18 A Pixel May Not Scroll A Human Being, Or Through Inaction, Allow A Human To Be Scrolled
DIVERSITY STARTS EARLY. The 2019 World Fantasy Convention responded to Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s criticism (see yesterday’s Scroll, item #3.) She answered in a thread that begins here. This is why I say diversity needs to be baked into the cake-making

Pixel Scroll 11/15/18 Pixel Longstalking
STOP BREAKING THE RULES, DAMMIT. Thanks to Doctor Science, I discovered “Jonathan Franzen’s 10 Rules for Writing Novels” (at LitHub) and the mirth he’s inspired in many of our friends. (Links take you to the thread.) Chuck Wendig Especially

Remembering Jerry Ohlinger
By Steve Vertlieb: Jerry Ohlinger, who died November 12 was, perhaps, the first movie memorabilia dealer that I ever met or had dealings with. I entered organized fandom in the Fall of 1965 when my brother and I were invited

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #36
Election Day 2018 : A New Hope By Chris M. Barkley: Tuesday, 6 November 2018, was a beautiful day. The forecast had called for rain but in the mid-afternoon, the temperature was in the low 60’s a scattering of wispy

Pixel Scroll 11/14/18 Ask Not For Whom The Files Scroll
Power was off here for 8 hours while they replaced a utility pole – fortunately the rest of you kept sending stuff! (1) GRRM DEALS WILD CARDS TO TV. says “George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards Universe Finds a Home

Pixel Scroll 11/13/18 If We Had Pixels We Could Have A Pixel Scroll, If We Had Scrolls
NOIR WITH EXTRA MUSTARD. Here’s the first trailer for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu, coming to theaters May 10. The story begins when ace private eye Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing, prompting his 21-year-old son Tim to find out what happened.

Goodreads Choice Awards 2018 Final Round
Final round voting has begun in the Goodreads Choice Awards: The Best Books 2018 and will continue through November 26. The winners will be announced December 4. There are 21 categories overall. Here is what readers picked to advance to

Pixel Scroll 11/12/18 Could He Show Up In A Noodle-Poodle, Bottle-Beetle, Paddle-Battle, Pixle-Scroodle?
FIRE MISSES DEL TORO’S “BLEAK HOUSE”. Unlike houses belonging to some other celebrities in the area, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s Bleak House has survived the Woolsey fire Remezcla reports: Bleak House is not actually where del Toro lives (he

Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 2018 Finals Begin
Yesterday Mark Lawrence unveiled the page where he’ll track the 2018 Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off Finals. Keep in mind this is not a sprint but a marathon. Phase I began in June and runs through December. Ten participating bloggers have been

Pixel Scroll 11/11/18 I’m Scrolling On The Bad Side And I Got My Pixels To The Wall
YA FOR YA. Vicky Who Reads has a lot of interesting observations about “The Many Ways YA Books & The Community Isolates Teens”. Following up her first point, that teens lack money and often do their reading in ways

Amazon Names Best SFF Books of 2018
Christelle Dabos’ A Winter’s Promise (translated from the French by Hildegarde Serle) is Amazon’s pick as the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy book of 2018. It tops Amazon’s year’s best list posted November 9. A Winter’s Promise by Christelle Dabos

Pixel Scroll 11/10/18 This One Isn’t Like Other Pixel Scrolls, It Has Heart And Human Values
OUT TO DRY. Daily Beast analyzes why corporations leave comics creators twisting in the winds of social media: “How Marvel and Corporate Comics Are Failing the ‘Vulnerable’ Creators Behind Their Superheroes”. …Part of the trouble, Edidin says, is that

Comic-Con International’s John Rogers Dies
San Diego Comic-Con International’s board president John Rogers passed away November 10 after a two-month struggle with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Rogers oversaw CCI’s incredible growth: As our longest serving

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