News from Ansible…new book…trademarks…all from across the Big Pond!

With File 770’s Mike Glyer being down with an illness, we turn to another scion of the fannish world, David Langford, and his monthly Ansible offering.

But first – even MORE Fannish news from Dave.

And when we say “even MORE Fannish”, we mean Fannish of the totally unexpurgated, completely unadulterated, Fannish as only Fannish can be variety:

David has announced that Robert Hansen’s THEN: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK 1930-1980, a history of UK Fandom, is almost ready to be released for ordering. (The delay caused by Dave caving to demands for a hardback edition and needing additional time to check proofs. BTW – this is the kind of ‘caving’ that Amazing Stories heartily approves of.)

A review will appear on Amazing very soon.

Here’s the cover:


and here’s the soon to be active ordering page.

A lot of Rob Hansen’s work can be found on as well.  Go whet your appetite.

And now that that bit is out of the way –

Ansible® 349*, August 2016

a349* That’s right!  Ansible is now a Registered Trademark!  (Can you name any other fanzines that have trademarked titles?)

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