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What Is the Destiny of the World’s Largest UFO Archive?
We’re accustomed to hearing about “the graying of fandom,” Apparently Sweden’s UFO enthusiasts face the same problem. A recent Swedish-language article asked what is going to happen to the world’s largest UFO archive? (Hampus Eckerman kindly translated the piece into … Continue reading →

2017 Annie Award Nominees
The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, announced the nominees for the 44th Annual Annie Awards on November 28. The award, created in 1982 by voice actor June Foray, recognizes the year’s best in the field of animation in multiple categories, … Continue reading →

2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards Shortlist
The 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards shortlist includes these nominees of genre interest: Best Actor David Tennant, Look Back in Anger (not sf, just listed because of Tennant) Best Supporting Actor/Actress Joseph Kloska, Bram Stoker’s Dracula Best Scripted Comedy The … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 1/14/17 On A Cold And Gray Trisolarian Morning, A Baby Scroll Was Filed
(1) EYE EYE AYE. From r/Star Wars on Reddit: “Noticed this Mon Calamari who can’t find his monitor while re-watching Return of the Jedi” generated a vast set of amusing comments, half developing the joke, half creating headcanon to explain … Continue reading →

Patten Chronicles Furry Fandom Conventions Worldwide
Fred Patten’s fanhistory Furry Fandom Conventions, 1989-2015 is now on sale from McFarland & Company, Publishers. Patten says, “This is the first study of furry fandom published by a publisher outside of the furry specialty press itself. It indicates that … Continue reading →

2017 James White Award Taking Entries
The James White Award Short Story Competition is accepting entries through Friday, January 20. The award was established in 2000 and offers non-professional writers the opportunity to have their work published in Interzone, the UK’s leading sf magazine. It is … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 1/13/17 Pixelcrantz And Guildenscroll Are Dead
(1) WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING. Graeme Cameron has a great installment of “The Clubhouse” about the legendary Walt Willis at Amazing Stories. In 1952 Walt was the recipient of the first Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) which paid his way … Continue reading →

They Think It’s A Joke
Comic Excitement, a new event happening this weekend at the LA Convention Center, doesn’t take codes of conduct at all seriously. What about harassment? Don’t do it! That’s all they’ve got. Continue reading →

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #4
The Young Adult (Hugo) Award: A Minority Report By Chris M. Barkley: Author’s Note: Of all the columns I have written so far, the following was the hardest and took the longest period to write. From my own, subjective viewpoint, … Continue reading →

Early Superhero Movies and TV Series
By Carl Slaughter: Hollywood was quick to adapt early comic book superheroes to the big screen, beginning in the late 30s and early 40s. Superheroes are notoriously difficult to adapt without camp and corn. In contrast to sci fi/fantasy, live … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 1/12/17 Midnight at the Well of Pixels
(1) THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS TYRION. says “Peter Dinklage Is Rumored To Be In Talks To Join ‘Avengers: Infinity War’” and makes a very entertaining post from its inconclusive guesses about what Marvel character he might play. …The … Continue reading →

Worldcon 75 Adds Two Vice Chairs
Worldcon 75 Convention Chair Jukka Halme has appointed two Vice Chairs to assist him, Karoliina Leikomaa and Colette H. Fozard. The online bios of the two new Vice Chairs show they have a wealth of conrunning experience. Karo Leikomaa has … Continue reading →

Kong: Skull Island International Trailer #2
Because every monster movie is better with Japanese subtitles onscreen!… Continue reading →

2016 Stabby Award Winners
Reddit’s r/Fantasy group has chosen the winners of the 2016 Stabby Awards. BEST NOVEL OF 2016 WINNER: Morning Star by Pierce Brown Finalists: The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence Age of Myth by Michael … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 1/11/17 Ask Not What Your Pixel Can Scroll For You; Ask What You Can Scroll For Your Pixel
(1) 21ST CENTURY AIRPORT SECURITY. The Atlantic gives you an overview of the preparations, including a pair of anti-terrorism officials on-staff, at an airport with twice the police force of Pasadena — “Inside LAX’s New Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Unit”. Today’s threats, … Continue reading →

Tomorrow Prize for LA Student SF Writers Taking Entries
The 2017 Tomorrow Prize is accepting entries from students attending high school (9th-12th grade) in Los Angeles County. The deadline to submit is Friday, March 17. Contest entries must be original short science fiction stories, not fan fiction, of 1,500 … Continue reading →

2017 Roswell Award Contest
Entries for The Roswell Award, sponsored by Sci-Fest LA, are being taken through March 3, 2017. The Roswell Award was created to identify, encourage and promote up-and-coming science fiction writing talent among adults worldwide. Entries must be original science fiction short … Continue reading →

To Pull No Strings and Buffalo None
By John Hertz: Say fans, what time is it? Nomination time! It’s nomination time, It’s nomination time. Let’s have a balmy clime, Send in what’s really prime. Ignore what looks like slime, Abet nobody’s crime. We’ll make the Finns’ bells … Continue reading →

Eugie Foster Award Gears Up for 2017
Keep in mind the Eugie Foster Memorial Award for Short Fiction. Matthew M. Foster announces: We are active again and will present the award at the Awards Banquet at Dragon Con. We are currently receiving nominations from editors and publishers … Continue reading →

Actors Union Rules Change Forces Sci-Fest LA Into Hiatus
Sci-Fest LA, which has brought science fiction to the Los Angeles stage for the past three years, has been forced to skip 2017. Founding Producers Micheal Blaha, Lee Costello, and David Dean Bottrell announced on Facebook: As some of you … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 1/10/17 Just Tie A Yellow Pixel Round The Ole Scroll Tree
(1) PRIVACY. David Brin’s Chasing Shadows, a collection of short stories and essays by other science fiction luminaries, was released today. As we debate Internet privacy, revenge porn, the NSA, and Edward Snowden, cameras get smaller, faster, and more numerous. … Continue reading →

Lucas Museum Will Be Built in Los Angeles
The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has landed in Los Angeles. After failing to win permission to build on the grounds of the Presidio in San Francisco, and being blocked by litigation from accepting a lakefront site in Chicago, Lucas … Continue reading →

See Star Trek 360°
This CBS ad for Star Trek: Discovery is a flyby of major starships from the Star Trek universe. And as a cool feature, the video allows a 360° interactive view.… Continue reading →

Herding Puppies
Both the Sad and Rabid Puppies heard from leadership today. Someone tried to run ahead of the Sad Puppy pack, compelling Amanda S. Green to swat him with a rolled-up internet – “Sad Puppies 5 and recommendation lists” at Mad Genius Club. … Continue reading →

Neil Clarke Reveals Choices For The Best Science Fiction of the Year
Neil Clarke’s Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 2 will feature these stories from 2016: Table of Contents “The Visitor from Taured” by Ian R. MacLeod (Asimov’s, September 2016) “Extraction Request” by Rich Larson (Clarkesworld, January 2016) “A Good … Continue reading →

2017 World Fantasy Award Judges Named
Judges have been empaneled for the 2017 World Fantasy Awards, for work published in 2016. Elizabeth Engstrom (USA) Daryl Gregory (USA) Nalo Hopkinson (USA) Juliet Marillier (Australia) Betsy Mitchell (USA) The judges will be reading and considering eligible materials until … Continue reading →

2017 WSFA Small Press Award Seeks Nominees
SF authors, small press publishers and WSFA members have until April 2 to nominate stories for the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award Eligible nominees are works of short fiction up to 17,500 words long in… Continue reading →

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