New Video on Amazing Stories TV

A new animated short from Amazing Stories TV!

Kermit Woodall, Creative Director at the Experimenter Publishing Company has been working with various animation and filtering programs in preparation for our upcoming crowd funding (for the next issue of Amazing Stories magazine) and created this short featurette from a famous scene from one of the most recognizable SF films ever produced:

This version of the scene shows what Blade Runner might have looked like if it had been a Pixar animated film.

Folks are a little concerned about the up-coming fifth Indiana Jones installment, given the fact that headliner Harrison Ford is now in his 70s.  Fear not – if worse comes to worse, this experiment demonstrates that they can de-age the actor in an instant!

Enjoy this intriguing bit of animation and AI and use it to anticipate what might be coming from Amazing Stories in the very near future

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