New Releases from Open Road Media: Sapir, Yolen & Doty

A new line up of fantasy from Open Road Media

New to Ebook this October:

Fantasy titles from Jane Yolen and Richard Ben Sapir

 And Announcing a New Edition of A Choice of Treasons by JL Doty

In the month of October, Open Road Media will publish ebook editions of eight favorite titles by Jane Yolen and Richard Ben Sapir.

In addition, a new ebook edition of JL Doty’s A Choice of Treasons will be released along with a brand new cover design.


far arenaRichard Ben Sapir’s The Far Arena and four other titles will be available in ebook on October 13, 2015.

 While conducting exploration in the frozen Arctic, Texan Lew McCardle, a geologist working for the Houghton Oil company, discovers something remarkable: the body of a Roman gladiator encased in ice. Miraculously brought back to life, now the warrior Eugeni must readjust to this new world, with its bizarre customs, hidden traps, and moral complexities, as he struggles to come to terms with painful memories of loves and glories lost, bloodthirsty politics and heartbreaking betrayals.

wizardsThree works by Jane Yolen, including peotry collected with Nancy Willard Among Angels, and Wizard’s Hall, will be available in ebook for the first time on October 27, 2015.

Yolen blends adventure, humor and magic in her children’s fantasy book, Wizard’s Hall. Henry is new to the school of magic and he’s having a tough time of it: his classmates call him Thornmallow, for starters, and he can’t seem to manage even the simplest of spells. When a fearsome beast conjured by a cruel sorcerer threatens Wizard’s Hall, it’s up to him to save the day.

choice of treason A new edition of JL Doty’s A Choice of Treasons will be released on October 27, 2015 with a brand new cover. A Choice of Treasons follows York Ballin, a lifer in the Imperial Navy fighting in a war that has lasted for generations. York and his crew are ordered to deliver the princess Aeya to the empress on the planet Dumark. As they do so, the planet is hit with a massive Directorate assault and York saves them just in time… but soon he finds out the empress and Princess Aeya are harboring a secret so great that it threatens both the Empire and the Directorate. Now York must decide between saving them or saving himself—and his only options are a choice of treasons.


By Richard Ben Sapir: On Sale October 13, 2015

The Far Arena




The Body

By Jane Yolen: On Sale October 27, 2015

Wizard’s Hall

Among Angels: poetry collection co-authored by Jane Yolen and Nancy Willard

Tales of Wonder

 \By JL Doty: On Sale October 27, 2015

A Choice of Treasons

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