New Feature: Magazine Update

From now until Worldcon, a weekly update of everything that is happening behind the scenes

We’re now a bit under 90 days out from the opening of Worldcon76, THE place to be if you want to be among the first fans to read the debut issue of Amazing Stories!

Our Latest Updates:

Production has been secured.
Kermit is receiving both drafts and finals of artwork
Ira is busily editing the last few stories to come in
Most of the non-fiction pieces have been completed (including the Publisher’s Note)

Final interior layout is being reviewed – we’re still considering several different possibilities

We’re eagerly watching Worldcon76’s progress reports and information on attendance in order to finalize the number of copies in the print run.

We are receiving a steady stream of subscription sign-ups (nice!)

We probably have enough stories approved for going on two more issues.


Our goal is to “blow your socks off” and from what we’re seeing, it might be best to wear sandals to the con!

We are also accepting advertising at special DISCOUNTED Worldcon Special rates;  our ads are reproduced in BOTH the print and electronic editions and certain ad committments also receive free complimentary ads on the website.  Email Steve for rates.

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  1. Mr Davidson, is there by any chance that Amazing Stories will accept serializations for novels? Just wondering as a beginning writer.

    1. Will, actually, our first two issues will be serializing a novella, so we are not opposed to it. However, I’d like to get a bit further down the road with our plans before we serialize something longer…we’re on a quarterly schedule right now, which means that it would be at least a year before an entire novel length work was published in its entirety.

      1. Ok, I was just wondering. By the way, congratulations on getting Amazing Stories up and running. I hope someone who possesses as much love for sci fi literature as you do can do the same thing for other forgotten sci fi magazines like Galaxy or Worlds of If.

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