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Now that the WorldCon debut is over, we can get down to the nitty gritty:  getting copies of the first issue, electronic and print – into our subscriber’s hands (mail boxes, porches, e-readers, etc.)

As of about 9 pm est on 8/28/2018, all but a handful of the electronic subscriptions have been emailed out.  Exceptions are:
a few late review copy requests, some promised promotional copies and a couple of subscriptions for which our information for servicing them is either incomplete or corrupted.

If you are an electronic edition subscriber and you have NOT received your files, please check your spam folder first and then, if you still have not received your copy, drop us a note.

Print subscriptions are next on the agenda and will be mailed out over the next couple of days – thanks for your patience.

If you ordered a print subscription and received the electronic edition, chances are you either qualified for both through the Kickstarter or got added onto the list for e-sub because it was just easier for us to do things that way.  If so, enjoy your complimentary and wholly unexpected e-sub.  You’ll be getting the print edition soon.

(Yes, we did send out an email with bad links;  that was followed about an hour or so later by the same email with notices and corrected links.  You should have received BOTH emails.  Use the links in the second one to obtain your electronic copy.)

Now that we’ve been through this once and have identified a couple of things that need massaging or correction, we expect this process to go more smoothly in future.  Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

PLEASE let us know what you think.

*Note for Loncon3 and Detcon1 subscribers:  enough time has gone by that your email address may have changed from that which you originally submitted.  If you have not received your copy, double check that the email address you used to sign up at either of those conventions is the same as you are currently using.  If not, please forward us the name under which you registered, your old email address and your current address.)

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    1. online, subscriptions and individual copies will be available through our website and through other online retail outlets

  1. I was unable to load the mobi file to my kindle. The error message was that it exceeded 50 Mb in size (it did).

    1. I hit post too soon, I should have clarified that the mobi file downloaded from your website to my computer okay but the “send to kindle” gave that error message.

    1. A replacement email was sent out with the corrected links. I’ve sent them to you under separate cover. Enjoy!

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