Life Beyond Us Anthology Needs Crowdfunding Support

Help fund this exciting anthology of SF stories and science essays that looks at what life “out there” might be like. An outreach project working with the European Astrobiology Institute

Julie Novakova, one of the many fine authors whose work has appeared within the pages of Amazing Stories magazine is editing an interesting and unique anthology and is hoping that Amazing Stories readers and fans will help push the project to its fully funded goal.

There’s only five days left and only 10% left to fund;  I urge our fans and friends to give it a shot.

Julie describes the anthology as an “outreach project” that is working with the European Astrobiology Institute and Laksa Media and is billed as “Original SF Stories and Science Essays from 44 leading science fiction authors and scientists on alien life here and beyond” on their Kickstarter page.

With a lineup that includes authors Mary Robinette Kowal, Peter Watts, Gregory Benford, Malka Older and others, how can you not want a copy?

Visit the page, check out the video and then give Julie and her team some Amazing Love!

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