Submissions open on Monday, Subscriptions can be purchased now

We’re now approaching the two week mark (the time limit for contributors to respond to the survey) and have heard from nearly everyone.  Rewards should start being sent out pretty soon.

In other news, submissions for future issues of Amazing Stories opens this Monday, April 23rd, ninety-two years and one month after the first issue of Amazing Stories hit the stands (while the cover date of that first issue reads “April”, we now know, if only from the excellent historical work done by Mike Ashley, that it was actually March when the first issue was first seen.  “April” actually represented the last month that issue should be displayed on the newsstands.

Regardless, April has become Amazing’s month over the ages and it would get pretty boring and repitious to always have to explain why we’re celebrating historical things in March when the cover clearly says “April”.  It’s not without precedent: President’s Day is February 18, and we all know that Georgie chopped down that cherry tree on February 23rd….

Work on both the issue and our booth at Worldcon76 continues apace.

Well, actually, maybe a few more than that…

One thing of note:  we’ve gone way over our word count for the first issue and none of us have the heart to deny any of our authors and artists the opportunity to be in Amazing first new issue since 2005 (and not even that’s technically correct – we’ve published four issues since 2012 in point of fact), so, rather than disappointing a handful of authors and artists, we’ve chosen the high road and are biting the bullet on an extended page count – rather than our originally planned 192 pages, it looks like we’re going for 248…

Yes, it’s going to blow our budget out a little bit, but, well, we really want this first issue to be SPECTACULAR, AWESOME and REALLY GREAT!  And it’s going to be.  (Really Great Science Fiction magazine was rejected as a title….)

Final note for the day:  You may have to wait until Monday to submit your story, but you can subscribe right now

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