JULY 20TH, 1969

a short reminisce in honor of Moon Walking Day.

Is a day I will remember forever…one of the greatest days of my life.

I don’t know how Moon Walk Day’s anniversary escaped me – especially considering that next year will be the 50tth anniversary.

Here’s my story:

I was an avid space program watcher – glued to the TV set for every televised launch and bit of coverage (B&W TV), I was just ten years old and at some point in late May, I realized that my trip to overnite summer camp was going to coincide with the landing and the walk.

And THEN I remembered – no TV for campers – sun, snakes, dirt, swimming, campfires, singing, yes.  TV – no.

I then informed my parents that I would run away from home to watch the landing if they couldn’t arrange for a TV – AND permissions – at the camp.

Fortunately, the camp director lived in our neighborhood (I went to school with his daughter) and arrangements were made:  the counselors had a lounge with TV and I was assured that I would be allowed to watch the landing.

Of course I sweated for a whole three months wondering if the promises would be honored, but in the end I got to watch – one camper with all the counselors.

Ten years old, avid science fiction fan and there it was – the future I’d been reading about becoming reality right in front of my eyes!

The Eagle has Landed!

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