JO PHAN’S READS: This Week in Fanzines

Flag #20, The Incompleat Register 2017, iOTA #14, Spring SF&F Concatenation, and Sporadix #s 44-46

16 January 2018Added Andy Hooper’s FLAG #20 and archive issues #1 through #11
14 January 2018Added Nic Farey’s The Incompleat Register 2017, an updated guide to voting for the 2018 FAAn Awards
14 January 2018Added Leigh Edmonds’ iOTA #14
14 January 2018The Science Fact & Fiction Concatenation, Spring 2018, is now on line
14 January 2018Added Bill Plott’s Sporadic #44, 45, 46I Want to Come Back Here Next Year!, and Another Ghost From Southern Fandom Past (all 2017 issues)


FANAC.ORG’s info, which is usually published here, has been moved to its own feature, available for the first time today.

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