JO PHAN’S READS: This Week in Fanzines

Those crazy fans. Next thing you know, they’ll be publishing magazines!

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10 July 2016 Added Wolf von Witting’s CounterClock #25CounterClock-25
10 July 2016 Added John Purcell’s Askance #37Askance37
10 July 2016 Added Chuck Connor’s Enter At Your Own Risk #2 through #5Eayor-05
10 July 2016 Added Opuntia #346 and archive issue 70.1C, edited by Dale SpeirsOpuntia-346
10 July 2016 Added Alexiad #87 edited by Lisa & Joseph MajorAlexiad66
10 July 2016 Added Rodney Leighton’s Rodney’s Fanac #6 and #7Rodney-07
10 July 2016 Added Leybl Botwinik’s CyberCozen – July 2016CC-2016-03
10 July 2016 Added Tim Bolgeo’s The Revenge of Hump Day, 6 July 2016ROHD-2016-01-13 (1)

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