In Mourning

short and depressing

Fear. Hate. Depression. Disgust.

This election has, I fear, utterly destroyed the possibilities of the futures I was taught by science fiction that were to be my inheritance.  (Not just Trump either, but Brexit and the other nativist eruptions that are taking place around the globe.)

These various elections have convinced me that we are not, as a species, going to accept the pending issues threatening our survival, but are instead going to ignore them.  For another generation.

Why don’t we see evidence of other advanced civilizations in the cosmos?  This may be the reason.

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  1. we are going to have to live with our choices. if they turn out to make our life worse, then we have to learn from our choices and make different ones. I’m also depressed about this, but i don’t have any choice but to live through it all.

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