When all else fails, take a warm bath….

I could ramble about and try to conceal the fact that I have no subject for today, but I suspect most readers would twig to that almost immediately.  I’ve never not confessed lack of subject before, so why change now?

I won’t.

I ruminated on a bunch of things:  I could have written about commercial cons once again taking advantage of fan culture by looking for volunteer translators instead of paying translators, but that’s not sufficiently new news to really get my gorge to rise.

I could have written about how my decades-old predictions about Amazon are seemingly coming home to roost, but the fact is, those predictions are coming true without accompanying public angst and in that kind of climate its almost pointless to say “told ya so”.

I could have talked about the maudlin, morose, depressing and just plain sad state of being a newly minted widower – but that’s sad and maudlin and depressing and I don’t really need that kind of thing right now (nor do most).

I could also have talked about my trip to the used bookstore and how the back of my brain still hopes to discover a new release by a Farmer, or a Piper, a Sturgeon or a Moore.  But that’s kind of depressing too.

I could have done Hugo Award predictions (enough “data” is in – meaning opinions, other awards and the zeitgeist), but I’ll hold that back for another week.

I could have talked about developments on the TV show front (we have still not received any response from NBC/UT, which all alone ought to give you some clue as to what it is like dealing with them, if not the entire industry), but beyond the bald facts of the situation I ought to keep those things closer to the vest.  Short summary:  we are making some progress, though slowly.

So instead I’ll just say that right now I’m a happy frog, basking in the warming waters and wondering how much nicer it could possibly get….

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