Heroes is Getting a Reboot

Let the excitement start, Heroes is getting a reboot.

heroes rebornSo just as I’ve been thinking what shows I can start watching, or go back and watch again (because the current TV schedule isn’t inspiring me) what should I hear but Heroes is getting a reboot.

In 2015, the show will return for a mini series. Nothing more than that has been revealed, and no details on who in the cast is returning but watch this space.

Heroes was a show that had potential but after the first series it just kind of went down hill. But during its time it was the most pirated TV show, showing that despite its failing rating on TV there was still a huge following for it. So was it just down to NBC getting it wrong for screen time? I did watch all four seasons of the show, there were times when I was disappointed with it, but others when it was amazing. The biggest fail was Sylar, the most evil villain at the start of the show, becoming a goodie?! Peter also had the potential to be the new Superman, yet he lost all of his powers and could only have one at a time.

I’m quite excited to see where this mini series goes, it could be an mazing opportunity to bring this show back.

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