Happy Indigenous People’s Day of 2018!

New holiday replacing the old.

What better way to introduce you all to Indigenous People Day than to point you to this tweet from Rebecca Roanhorse – the first indigenous American person to win a Nebula for the short story Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience (Apex), which would go on to win the Hugo Award as well.

“…here’s 5 Indigenous SFFH writers you should be reading.”

Cities across the US are ditching Columbus Day in favor of this more inclusive holiday, at an ever increasing pace.

For a bit more background, try this.

And to visit Rebecca, go here.

The history of indigenous peoples on the North American continent (South American too) is not a happy one by any means, but appears to be improving.  A recent listen of an interview on NPR with Dr. David Treuer, discussing his book The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee:  Native America From 1890 to the Present suggests this might be a good place to start learning.

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