For the 8th year of 9 in a row, Steve does his annual recap of what he posted in the last year. (Obviously, he didn’t do this his first year.) If you managed to miss any of his drivel…erm, deathless prose, this is where you can catch up, with direct links.

Figure 1 – Stephen King

It’s time for my annual look back at last year’s columns. Why do I have a picture of Stephen King here? Why not? He’s a distinguished-looking guy, and I really like the way he writes, even though I can’t remember one word of The Institute (for example), which I read pretty much the day it came out. But to continue: in 2021 I wrote 28 columns, which is a bit over one every two weeks average. I can’t promise to do better this year, but maybe I can boost my average a bit. In spite of the COVID restrictions, a number of TV movies, mini-series, and series managed to get made, as well as a few full-on movies. I hope to bring you my impressions of some of the new and newer movies and TV shows, like John Cena’s The Peacemaker, which is a parody (some people haven’t caught on yet) that I’m enjoying.

So let’s take a look at what I did in 2021.

308—Jan. 22—2020 Columns Review (okay, just my own)

309—Feb. 12—Jan-Feb 2021 F&SF Review
310—Feb. 19—Movie Review: Monster Hunter (2020)(with spoilers)
311—Feb. 26—Rehash 2014 column #29!
312—Mar. 12—Book Review: Stephen King’s Later
313—Apr. 9—Reviews: Mar-Apr 2021 F&SF and movie Freaky
314—Apr. 16—Movie Review: The Rookies (2019)
315—Apr. 23—Review: Lexx Unauthorized and Lexx, Season 1, Ep. 1
316—May 7—(Retro) Movie Review: Beyond White Space (2018) (Minor Spoilers)
317—May 14—Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix), 1st 4 Eps Review (Minor Spoilers)
318—May 28—Retro Movie Review: Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (Some Spoilers)
319—Jun. 6—Retro Movie Review: The Monster That Challenged the World (1957)
320—Jun. 26—Review: May-June 2021 F&SF
321—Jul. 16—Retro Movie Reviews (both 1958): The Vampire & I Bury the Living (Some Spoilers)
322—Aug. 27—Reviews: July-Aug 2021 F&SF & Pandemic Unleashed Vol. 1
323—Oct. 8—Movie Review: Malignant (2021) (Major Spoiler Section)
324—Oct. 15—Look! Up In the Sky!…It’s… My Favourite Superman!
325—Oct. 29—Sept-Oct 2021 F&SF Review
326—Nov. 5—Retro Movie Review: The Host (Spoilers)
327—Nov. 12—Retro Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens (2011)
328—Nov. 19—Movie Review: Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021)
329—Nov. 26—Movie Review: The Trip (2021) (Small Spoilers)
330—Dec. 3—Twofer Movie Reviews: Black Friday and Jolt
331—Dec. 10—Retro Book Review: The Fourth “R” by George O. Smith
332—Dec. 17—Retro Movie Review: 2016’s Criminal
333—Dec. 31—Alienation

By the way, a couple of tags were wrong when posted; both columns 320 and 321 claimed to be column 320. Sorry if that confused the issue when searching. (Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t notice.)

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