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Samantha offers a scary movie lineup for Halloween

THE CONJURINGMy house mates and I have been getting in the mood for Halloween all month but watching scary movies. On Monday we watched Paranormal Activity 2 & 3 back to back (not wise on a week night!). In light of this, I thought I’d share my top picks on scary films to watch this Halloween.

The Conjuring – This is one scary film. My house mates watched this one without me so I decided to watch it during the day as that was the least scariest way to watch this film. It’s based on a true story, set in 1971 following two paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. They have done some pretty scary work in their career, but helping the Perron family is probably the scariest ever – which is what the film focuses on.

Annabelle – Briefing in The Conjuring we see the Warrens help a family with the Annabelle doll, and we keep seeing her at various points in the film, although she is nothing to do with the Perron family’s troubles. This brings us on to the prequel. Before there was The Conjuring there was Annabelle. I am yet to see this film, but will be heading to cinema as if it is anything like the previous film (and I have heard really good reviews) then this is going to be epic.

Paranormal Activity 1-4 – These films have to be watched as a collection. Individually the first one is brilliant, but the others are just as scary, in their own way, but also make it all the more exciting when they reveal details that you didn’t know when you watched the first one. For those that don’t know (where have you been?) the first film focuses on a young couple who experience paranormal activity in their home that seems to have followed Katie from her childhood. The document the goings on with a camera at home and the film is all played through the footage they capture. The scariest moments are the fast-forwarding of the night footage as every time it starts to play again you know something is going to happen, but as you wait for it you get more nervous as to what it is going to be. The second film is set a couple of months before the first film and focuses on Katie’s sister and her family. The third film focuses on the two sisters when they were younger and the fourth film is set five years after the first film. If you haven’t seen these I highly recommend them.

The Blair Witch Project – This is perhaps the film that inspired Paranormal Activity. This film also focuses on using footage captured by those the film centres around. Three film students head to Maryland to document the legend of the Blair Witch but never make it out. This would put anyone off camping in the woods. Any woods. Any time. Ever!

Final Destination – They made too many of these films, but the idea behind the first one is brilliant. A teenager has a terrible vision of him and his friends dying on a plane crash. After they get off the plane and it crashes, with everyone dying, they think they are lucky to have skipped death, except death has other ideas and hunts them down one by one to ensure that they all meet the fate they were destined to have. This film isn’t necessarily scary, more gruesome, but some of the deaths will have you hiding behind your hands.

What scary movies do you recommend watching? Happy Halloween!

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