Gernsback Contest: Progress Report

Brief notes on the progress of our current writing contest

writing contest logo with trademarkThe Gernsback Science Fiction Short Story Writing Contest – or as we like to call it in order to not exhaust our tongues, the GWC – is now almost a third of the way in to its 31 day/100 story max timeline.

We’re over 50% full, so it’s time to give some serious thought to polishing up that MS and getting it in.

Based on name alone (which is all we have to go by at this point in time) we’re running 35% female-sounding-name-submissions and 65% male-sounding-name-submissions; at the end of the first week of submissions it was my impression that we were closer to 50/50, but that might have been the result of wishful thinking.  As it is, it’s pretty much looking par for the course for this kind of genre thing.

Interestingly we have received submissions from a wide range of countries including Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Canada and the US.

Encouraging reports are coming in from our reading team as well, including “damn good story!” and “this is really strong!”.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what we end up with!

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  1. > “Encouraging reports are coming in from our reading team as well”

    That’s scary as a writer (and contestant) and thrilling as a reader.

    > “we’re running 35% female-sounding-name-submissions”

    I work in software; I just wish we had numbers that high there. I’m glad you’re paying attention to it though.

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