Fundraiser for Fahnestalk Family Member

One of our own has lost a family member. Please consider helping to support the family.

Steve Fahnestalk has been one of the regular contributors to the Amazing Stories website since its inception;  he’d previously had some work published in an earlier incarnation of the magazine, as well as being a fellow Fanzine publisher/author/artist.

He recently announced that his son had been killed in a work-related accident and that a GoFundMe has been set up to assist his wife and family with various expenses. In additional to everything else, Stephen Patrick’s (Steve Fahnestalk’s son) wife – Rayline M. Bradshaw – is currently also recovering from brain surgery.  She and her sons need your support.

If you can contribute anything to help, please do so here: to-help-the-bradshaw-family

Stephen Patrick (Steve Fahnestalk’s son)

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