Some Fun Stuff For A Change

Some cool new things coming over the next few weeks.

We’ve got a new T-shirt coming out, our first new product in several years that will commemorate the fixes to our online store (which means you can actually get through the entire ordering process and get something delivered. Yay!)

The T is an absurdist comment on the way science fiction has been (poorly) received over the years and allows the wearer to proclaim that they’re doing just fine, thank you, even despite science fiction’s awesome brain-rotting powers.

Here’s a glimpse:


This Tuesday will feature a double-bill devoted to one of our best – Norman Spinrad – twice former President of SFWA, the editor of the anthology I used as a study guide in my HS class on Science Fiction (Modern Science Fiction), ex-pat, raconteur, husband of the lovely Dona and author of such exemplary and disturbing works as The Iron Dream, Osama, The Gun, The Men in the Jungle and Bug Jack Barron.  (All, or most of which are now back in print thanks to ReAnimus Press.)

Mr. Spinrad’s latest offering, to be released on Tuesday by TOR, is THE PEOPLE’S POLICE.  Tuesday will feature both a review and a multi-chapter excerpt from that novel.  (We’re big fans of Norman here and are very excited:  People’s Police is a fast-paced, exciting, raw piece of fiction that manages to weave together just about every theme Norman has tackled since he began writing.)

We may even have a couple of copies to give away, so don’t miss Tuesday!

(You can still pre-order.  The book becomes available this Tuesday!)


We just got in the IDW re-issue of Jack Williamson’s Sunday comic strip BEYOND MARS.  It was ordered from Haffner Press because Stephen does such an absolutely wonderful job of gathering, vetting and packaging the classic reprints he gathers that we knew we would be assured of a wonderful volume.  Despite the fact that Haffner did not actually publish this work (our mistake), it is obvious that Stephen exercises the same care in choosing what to re-sell as he does with his own productions.

Beyond Mars is based on Jack Williamson’s Seetee stories; this presentation has been described as “…THE BEST REPRINT BOOK OF AN OLD NEWSPAPER STRIP I’VE EVER SEEN!!! … and we do not disagree. Look for a review after we’ve had a chance to read through and look at every. single. panel. It’s gorgeous!

Haffner Press has justifiably become well known for its comprehensive collections of classic authors. Go take a look.


Finally – only two weeks to go till Boskone.  I’ll be there Friday, moderating two panels and appearing on two more.  I hope you join me there!

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“Science fiction isn’t just thinking about the world out there, It’s also thinking about how that world might be—a particularly important exercise for those who are oppressed, because if they’re going to change the world we live in, they—and all of us—have to be able to think about a world that works differently.” Samuel R. Delany

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