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Our own Felicity Savage informs us that:

cover3Felicity Savage, writer and AMAZING STORIES blogger, and Japanese illustrator Hiroko Katayama have released their first picture book: Shotaro, the Ants, and the Big Earthquake. Targeting preschoolers, Shotaro tells the heartwarming tale of a little Japanese boy and the ants in his garden … and the surprising events of the night when “the whole house started to rattle, shake, sway, and quake.” Little ones will be reassured by the affirming story, while touches of gentle wit keep parents entertained. Pick up a copy today for that toddler who loves to play with your Kindle!

From March 13th through March 17th, Shotaro, the Ants, and the Big Earthquake will be FREE! on Amazon worldwide.

Felicity confides that illustrator Hiroko Katayama is not just her illustrator but is also her sister-in-law.  Pretty cool when you can work with family on such an interesting book!

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