Friday Fanzine – Broken Toys From Taral Wayne

Rotsler Award Winning Taral Wayne’s Broken Toys.

tarakwayneTaral Wayne is a fannish institution.  Joining Canadian Fandom in the early 70s, Taral quickly found a place for his artwork within the pages of numerous fanzines with a signature, instantly recognizable look.  Nominated eleven times for the Best Fan Artist Hugo Award, Taral is the recipient of the 2008 William Rotsler Award for a lifetime of work by a fan artist, a former Fan Guest of Honor at the Anticipation Worldcon and has also received two nominations for the Canadian Aurora Award, including one for Best Fanzine – Broken Toys.  The very same fanzine you will be reading today.

Taral has worked both as a fanzine artist and as a professional artist, creating works for comics (Tales of Beatrix, Gremlin Trouble), games (The Fantasy Showcase Tarot Deck, Tank Vixens Card Game) magazines, illustrations for Rudy Rucker’s novel Spaceland some restoration of Vaughn Bode’s work and lots of furry art.

You can read far more about Taral in his autobiographical contribution to this 2005 issue of the fanzine Challenger – I, Fanartist.

Taral’s forays into fanzine publication have included contributions to APAs and several of his own individual titles – Red Shift, Synapse, New Toy and Broken Toys, To Walk The Moon, Old Toy, Transfur and The Incomplete Taral Wayne Cover Gallery which include illustrations for convention guides and fanzines that run the gamut from Banana Wings, to Askance, DNQ, The Drink Tank, File 770 and many more.

Taral’s artwork can be found all over the web, though some of it (particularly furry subjects) may not be appropriate for all audiences.  (Query: are naked breasts covered with fur really naked?).  You can peruse his many galleries on these websites:

Deviant Art

Presented below – Broken Toys #20, a personalzine with a lot of commentary on fandom, its institutions and its people. Broken Toys can be viewed on

(Ed. Note:  We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties with our embedded PDF viewer.  If you do not see Broken Toys #20 below, with a slider for viewing the entire issue, please click on the download link so that you can read the issue locally.)


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