First All Female Astronaut Spacewalk Takes Place This Week

First all-female spacewalk schedule moved up to later this week.

NASA has changed the schedule for the first all-female astronaut spacewalk, pushing the schedule ahead from this coming Monday up to tomorrow (Thursday, 10/17) or Friday (10/18).

There are some issues with the power supply system aboard the ISS;  Monday’s walk was scheduled for battery replacement but, owing to the failure of a power regulator, those replacements have been postponed in favor of replacing the power regulator.

Christina Koch and Jessica Meir (making her first walk) will conduct the exercise, now that the requisite “medium”-sized spacesuits are available;  Koch was involved in assembling the second required suit.

Two hundred twenty seven people have now walked in space, all but 14 of them men.  Jessica Meier will be the 15th woman to space walk.

More detail here.

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