Fiction In Amazing Stories Today: Lightning War by Duncan Long

toc lightningToday we get a double dose of Duncan Long, first as author of the brilliant and provocative short story Lightning War and then as illustrator of the self-same story.

Lightning War takes us to a future battlefield where biology and technology are entwined as never before and asks a simple question:  who is running the show?

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  1. It is great to realize that there is once again a place where writers can have their short stories published and readers can, again, enjoy them. Short-story writing has nearly become a lost art.

  2. Thanks for the kind intro to the story. I can’t put into words how thrilling it is to have a story in a publication that in the past featured Robert Heinlein, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ray Bradbury, and other science fiction “heroes” of my youth (as well inspiring the spin-off Amazing Stories TV series directed by Steven Spielberg). Thanks so much for reviving this magazine and making this possible.

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