Fiction In Amazing Stories Today: Cosmic Corkscrew by Michael A. Burstein

Read Michael A. Burstein’s Cosmic Corkscrew in Amazing Stories 88th Anniversary Issue.

Young-Asimov-f-Web-96dpiToday in Amazing Stories’ 88th Anniversary issue – Cosmic Corkscrew by Michael A. Burstein.

Originally published in Analog in 1988, Cosmic Corkscrew is a tribute to one of the legendary masters of the field – Isaac Asimov – by a master of the field – and to Asimov’s first story that originally graced the pages of Amazing Stories.

It is a matter of pride, honor and great pleasure that some of the giants of the field were originally published within the pages of this very magazine.

Cosmic Corkscrew gives us some small idea of the potentially dangerous consequences associated with giving a time machine to science fiction fans.

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