FAN FOTOS: Bill Plott Visits J. T. Oliver

Bill Plott shares photos from a visit to J. T. Oliver of southern fandom fame.

Bill Plott began his fannish journeys with southern fandom. Acquiring the moniker of The Traveling Fan, Bill traveled the south, seeking out and visiting other southern fen in his quest to find kindred spirits.

Among those visited was J. T. Oliver, a Georgian fan and one of the founders of the Atlanta Science Fiction Organization.

J. T. gifted Bill with a box full of photos that Bill has recently published in a one shot zine titled The J. T. Oliver Photo Collection.  (The entire zine can be read at

Bill has kindly granted Amazing Stories permission to reproduce some of those images here.  Kindly read Bill’s offering to obtain additional information about the people shown here: (Text excerpts and photos © copyright Bill Plott.)

jt oliver
J. T. Oliver
Lee Hoffman, J.T. Oliver and Paul Cox, sometime in the ‘50s. Lee lived in Savannah and published highly respect fanzine Quandry. She published an acclaimed 100-page annish one year. Paul had a long career as a sports writer and editor.
A gathering of writers, probably 1950s, occasion unknown. Following information is from typed IDs on back of the snapshot. From left, Bill Crawford, former publisher of Marvel Tales, now publisher of Fantasy Book; Jack Williamson; Julius Schwartz; Charles D. Hornig, former editor of Wonder Stories & Science Fiction; Edmond Hamilton, now married to Leigh Brackett; Russ Hodgkins; Henry Hasse.
Henry Hasse. Note on back says, “The one on the left is me.”
Ray Bradbury in a dated photo.


Wilson “Bob” Tucker. On back: “For J. T. Oliver. I LIKE mystery fans. Wilson (Bob) Tucker,12-12-49.
Lester Dent, creator of Doc Savage and The Avenger.

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