The Fall Lineup for the Star Trek Channel

Make Me Laugh. Can anyone make Mr. Spock crack even a tiny smile?

Survivor: Ceti Alpha V. Watch to see who is truly superior.

Workout with Worf. Sharpen your bat’leth!

Our Lady of Betazed and the Immaculate Conception. The fastest growing religion in the alpha quadrant finally gets its own show.  You have to feel it to believe it.

Wild Galaxy. From Cardassian voles to sehlats, our redshirted hosts will get too close often.

Make Me Laugh. Can anyone make Mr. Spock crack even a tiny smile?

Kahn Academy. From the physics of reversing polarity to proper and improper use of the deflector dish, this season will clear up your problems with technobabble.

Kilingon Opera. Don’t miss it, or forget to adjust your volume setting.

The Interstellar Tongo Tour.  Who will play a total monopoly and accumulate the most wealth?

Abstinence Training Your Tribble. They said it couldn’t be done — but could it be?

The Walking Redshirts. A zombie virus attack on a distant colony world doesn’t seem to strike equally. Who will be bitten next?

The Enterprise After Dark. Again hosted by James T. Kirk, and guest hosted by William Riker.

Breaking Borg. Watch the latest season of this reality hit as three new Starfleet officers are assimilated. Will their individualism threaten the collective?

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